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Welcome ! We are delighted to welcome you to the presentation page of our contemporary luxury apartment on the Croisette. Enjoy your visit...

Lionel et Raymonde  - The owners

Treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle that is "Rare" and "Above-Standard"

... on the Croisette in Cannes, France

The residence "l'Âge d'Or" 

Are you a "Croisette Buyer"? Are you the type of person who likes the best of everything? In short, do you want to live in "The most exclusive and popular place" on the Croisette in Cannes?

If so, then take this opportunity to acquire our "Grand Luxe" apartment in the historic residence "L'Age d'Or" on the Croisette in Cannes, prized by the wealthy for its history, style, standing and its enhanced security. Ideally located, you are facing the sea and yachts and can go for strolls while enjoying the view. It offers calm and discretion while remaining in the immediate vicinity of the activities of the Croisette, such as the Cannes French Film Festival and the future new Palm Beach, the meeting place for people and international stars. The beaches are available to you just 5 minutes walk from the residence. In summary "The ideal place sought for well-being, luxury and discretion"!

Your apartment of high standing is unparalleled in the residence. Completely renovated to bring modernity and luxury, it is your jewel on the Croisette. It gives a lot of satisfaction and pride to its owners. Your guests are always delighted to be invited to meet you and create wonderful memories. Not to mention, a strong seasonal rental activity that makes it a very profitable real estate investment.

The apartment is highly suited to :

  • A hard to please captain of industry who is looking for an apartment of high standing in a prestigious residence of La Croisette:
  • A business man or woman looking for a holiday resort of a very high standard to relax - a place of peace - of pleasure in a breathtaking setting
  • An investor looking for a property of high standing and ideally located, to combine a very profitable seasonal rental activity and at the same time to have a place to stay on the Côte d'Azur.
  • Croisette lovers who want to access one of the most popular places on the French Riviera, also sought by wealthy people from all over the world.
  • Retirees or future retirees who are looking to spend their retirement in a prestigious setting offering everything you need to live well and a concierge who will pamper you.


Its Area

108 sqm

Its Building

L'Age d'Or


Very High Quality

Its Panoramic View

Palm Trees and the Sea

Choose the most prized place on the Croisette...

  • Being at the heart of history: The Residence of l'Âge d'Or ("Golden Age") was conceived by the architect Georges Sauvan in 1954 which makes this prestigious residence a historical monument, a landmark on the Croisette and in Cannes
  • Enjoy walks on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in a mild winter, or in the warm and sunny summer
  • Benefit from the tranquility, a calm neighborhood opening to lush greenery and blue sea
  • Feel safe in a residence fitted with video surveillance with a concierge and his own lodge. He is dedicated to maintenance, monitoring and security ... He is always ready to look after you. Many residences envy us.
  • Have living spaces and a terrace that allow you to receive friends and family in the best possible conditions
  • Make a real estate acquisition that brings pride and recognition


Click HERE to discover the Résidence l'Âge d'Or ...

Good access and a beautiful view of the impressive residence

A lot of style

A lot of prestige

An ideal location

It imposes ...

The main historical residence of the Croisette, the residence l'Âge d'Or is the most popular residence of wealthy people, political figures and executives. It was built in 1952 by the Cannes architect Georges Sauvan and the Duranti masonry contractor, important figures of the 1950s in the region.

Its location allows you to be removed from the traffic of the street and protected from prying eyes. Its private entrance, secure access, greenery and concierge lodge creates a very pleasant atmosphere of private property of high standards.

The beautiful electric gate opens and your guests discover the residence with its beautiful entrance and its 6 floors. Its eclectic and modern character, thanks to its balconies, balustrades, loggias, arches and cornices give it its impressive volume and a lot of presence.

To follow, we invite you to discover the ideal location of the residence on the Croisette >>>

Click HERE to discover the ideal location of the residence on the Croisette ...

Beaches nearby

Popular places nearby

The Walking trails

The Cannes Film Festival

A location to obtain everything ...

You live in the district of the "Pointe de la Croisette". This is the most sought after area of Cannes because it is the quietest area of the Boulevard de la Croisette while remaining in the immediate vicinity of prestigious places by foot or by car. Just a few minutes walk away is the bakery / pastry shop, the post office, the butcher, the caterer, the fishmonger, the hairdressers, two small supermarkets, a drycleaner and also an organic food store. In addition, there is no social housing. 50% of the population consists of executives and the other half retirees. 62% of dwellings are second homes.

You stroll along the promenade. You meet families with their children on a bike or on a scooter. You distinguish the smile on the faces of the walkers and you feel in your place to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

You wake up in the morning with a smile. You go to the Foreville market, full of colors and Mediterranean scents, you go to do your outdoor sport or simply take a walk. The beaches, 5 minutes walk away, are at your disposal to do your morning runs or swim, breathing exercises, yoga or meditation.Around 5pm you take your Petanque balls and go 200 metres from the residence to play at the same place where Pablo Picasso loved to come to play.

Security is a priority in the residence, we invite you to discover what is in place >>>

Click HERE to discover the security of the residence ...

The security gates

The important value of the concierge is to pamper and reassure the owners of the residence.

Access to the security entrance provides access to the forecourt of entrances to the building, and the concierge's lodge

The forecourt gives access to the 3 entrances to the building after passing the security entrance

Security and discretion above all ...

The presence of the conciergerie, represented by Yann, pre-retired policeman, military champion of combat sport, your concierge accentuates the security of residence. From his lodge and during his work in the residence, the presence of Yann reassures the owners and increases security.

You are in a residence that has opted for video surveillance to make your place of residence safer. The deterrence by the camera system and restricted access by digicode offers daily peace of mind.

The installation of the cameras in the common areas, the entrance gate, the Hall and the stairwells make it possible to report the damage and those responsible.

To finish the visit of the exteriors, we invite you to discover the prestigious places near the residence ... >>>

Click HERE to discover the prestigious places near the residence ...

The Palm Beach Casino

Cannes Yacht Club

The Majestic Barrière hotel

The Carlton

Everything within 5 minutes walk or drive...

You are close to all the events, the prestigious places of the Croisette such as the 4-star and 5-star Grand-Luxe Hotels, the Palais des Festivals, places for celebration and reception venues such as the Palm Beach just 2 minutes drive from the Residence.

The residence is ideally located within walking distance to all these prestigious places of the Croisette, and gives your apartment extra value.

You charge your rentals thousands of euros (See the section of the page "Frame of Life" further down the page) and this is thanks to all of those prestigious places coveted by your private tenants or professionals who are willing to pay a higher price to be in the immediate vicinity of these prestigious places.

Now is the time to enter and start the tour of the apartment ... We invite you to discover the "Interiors" >>>





3 with shower or bath and toilets

High-end fitted kitchen


Bathrooms and baths


Click HERE to discover the large living room ...

View from the entrance of the 42m² living room

A high-end functional kitchen

View from the terrace

30 ° view from the right corner of the living room

Always impressive ...

You return home to the pleasurable ambiance that is created by the main room of your apartment. This large, comfortable and contemporary living space consisting of high end furniture and luxurious materials, becomes a meeting place for family and friends, conducive to pleasant exchanges.

You cook your best meal without missing any conversation with your loved ones. You participate in conversations while cooking. Thanks to its high-quality equipment (see below in the "Equipment" section), you cook without worrying about the smell filling the room.

Your friends and family are just like you, under the spell of this beautiful living room in which you live, shared moments of happiness.

We invite you to follow us to discover the terrace and the panoramic view >>>

Click HERE to discover the terrace and its panoramic view ...

Breathe in... It's just happiness!

In the morning, you open the glass door that opens out to the terrace. Leaning on the railing, you breathe fresh air and enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, Pines and Palm trees that line the promenade. A beautiful day can begin!

At each time of day, the colors of the sky and the sea change. This offers a constantly moving magical landscape. In the evening, you take your favorite drink to the terrace to admire the sunset above the mountains beyond the sea.

The sofa area on the terrace is ideal for a variety of relaxing activities, reading, yoga, meditation or simply moments of discussion accompanied by your favorite drink.Work at the outdoor table while enjoying the calming effect of the beautiful scenery, knowing that you possess something that is unique. What luxury!

Now we invite you to come back to discover the rooms >>>

Click HERE to discover Bedrooms 1 and 2 equipped with bath and shower..

Bedroom 1 area 15.52m²

Bedroom 1 bathroom and toilet area 6.36m²

Bedroom 2 area 13.52m²

Bedroom 2 shower and toilet area 5.3m²

No need to wait around!

Whichever is your bedroom, you can get ready in peace in the mornings and evenings. You won't need to wait to use your shower, bathroom and your private toilet ... It is something you will appreciate on a daily basis.

Now imagine the pleasure you offer to your family, your children, teenagers or your friends when you provide them their own room with the greatest comfort ... autonomy and ... intimacy.

It is also nice to think that you can welcome elderly parents and provide them the opportunity to live with the family while being autonomous in their room. And don't forget, in case you do rent the apartment, your seasonal tenants will also enjoy the benefits of the high-end services and these luxurious and independent rooms.Apartments with 3 rooms are rare on the Croisette, but each one with its own bathroom is exceptional 

In summary, great comfort, autonomy and privacy for all ... Let's now see the 3rd bedroom and the office >>>

Click HERE to discover Bedroom 3, the office and the loggia ...

Bedroom 3 area 9.63m²

Bedroom 3 shower and toilet area 3.16m²

The adjoining office area 9.97m² and big built-in wardrobe

The enclosed balcony area 4.44m²

Great comfort, autonomy and privacy for all ... (more)

Your 3rd bedroom brings maximum comfort with its own shower and toilet. You can access it through a utility room.

It is always helpful to have that extra space to work, as an office or a games room. The thoroughfare is ideal for this. There is a very large and stylish cupboard with glass façade.

Now, let's see together in detail the plans of each of these areas.

200,000 euros of renovations and fittings

  • Area plan and energy rating
  • Renovation
  • The Equipement
  • Security and Discretion
  • Renovation

Aerial plan of the apartment

Non official plan

Rooms and surface area

Energy rating

GES : A (Excellent)Class A includes the most energy-efficient dwellings, that is, those consuming less than 51 kWh / m2 over one year.This classification is very rare in practice, since in the vast majority of cases it concerns only new housing constructions with the BBC (Low Consumption Buildings) label.



From the appartment to :

Intercommunal Hospital Center

11 min

A8 motorway

14 min


38 min

Nice Airport

26 min


10 min

The Majestic Barrière and the Carlton

4 min

An ideal location

100 destinations from Nice Côte d'Azur Airport 

The A8 motorway is the highway that allows you to travel throughout the Côte d'Azur.


  • Cannes' strong points
  • Gastronomy in Cannes
  • Transportation
  • Your seasonal rental
  • Your activities all year long
  • Apartment overview

For your enjoyment, Cannes brings you the gastronomic abundance with its 32 restaurants recommended by Michelin's Guide Rouge and Gault et Millau. They alone represent 54% of the award-winning restaurants in Alpes-Maritimes. (Ref.image:

You can move as fast as you need to, thanks to the various transports available on the Croisette and Cannes, like Luxury taxis, Helicopters, Shuttle boats, TER, TGV or just the bus that stops at the door step of the residence . (Ref.image:

You are at the forefront to enjoy. Enjoy and live the permanent events of the City of Cannes, with its Palais des Festivals, its congresses, its television shows, its annual events ... Cannes is a city that is constantly moving. You never get bored. Cannes always offers you something to see or do.

There is everything here that you need to successfully rent out your luxurious apartment to executives during the recurring events of the City of Cannes, with its congresses, its television shows, its annual events. You can also rent it weekly or monthly to families or groups of friends during the festive season.

Cannes, the capital of outdoor sports, offers a range of sports activities for all ages and tastes.

27 recommended restaurants including 9 who receive between 1 and 4 toques to explore the French gastronomy of excellence.

32 recommended restaurants, 2 of which received between 1 and 3 stars This includes the gourmet restaurant "La Palm d'Or". It offers a table with 2 stars and 5 toques just 2 minutes by car or 8 minutes walk from the residence LÂge d ' Or. 

You will salivate and enjoy every bite with the 10 great chocolatiers of Cannes, including master chocolatiers like Jean Luc Pelé - Philippe Brito and Yves Thuries ...  

You benefit from the best varieties of bread to accompany your meals thanks to the 10 Master bakers located in Cannes like Jean Luc Pelé, Bagel, Marie Belliard.        

A truly popular and historical heart of Cannes, reworked in 1934, the Forville market welcomes market gardeners and local fishermen in a lively and colorful atmosphere. You will be delighted by the many artisan products full of tastes and colors of the Mediterranean.

You can travel extremely quickly within a 50km radius in just a few minutes thanks to helicopter travel services. For example, it costs around 140 € to drop you off at Nice so you can take your flight.  

"Hello, I am your driver, I have arrived and I am waiting for you at the gate of the residence". You have many choices for your private car travel service. Private transport companies compete to bring you the best service at very affordable prices. For example € 70 to drop you off at Nice airport.(         

The pleasure of traveling by private boat or shuttle makes life on the coast extra special ... This mode of transport in the open air, always creates a feeling of freedom and pleasure. (Ref.image:    

For your short trips, there are the traditional modes of transport: bus, taxi, TER or TGV whose bus stops at the footsteps of the residence. The evolution of the TGV line between Marseille and Monaco will allow you to move throughout the Côte d'Azur even faster.  

Take advantage of the permanent events of the City of Cannes with its congresses, its television shows, its annual events. Rent it weekly or monthly to families or groups of friends during the festive season. Everything is here for you to successfully rent out your luxurious apartment to executives and the wealthy. Like for example, the international congress or events such as:          

Enjoy the continuity of loyal customers renting up to 1200 € / night at major international events that come back every year, and monthly rentals at 12 000 euros and 15 000 euros in summer. This guarantees you a very attractive turnover every year to finance the apartment. (

All the services required for your seasonal rental are already in place. All you have to do is continue with the existing arrangements. (

Benefit from a turnover that is already in place, due to the loyal customers of the apartment who come back every year. ( et 

Your seasonal tenants are delighted with the services offered by the apartment and the neighborhood of Pointe de la Croisette.

Cannes, the capital of outdoor sports, offers a range of sports activities for all ages and for all tastes.Its geographical location by the sea and the mild climate are some of the strengths of the city of Cannes to promote sports and make it a world-renowned city for quality and outdoor sport offerings. like Sydney, Rio or Miami.

You are spoiled for choice with the 8 beaches of Cannes, 4 of which are in the immediate vicinity of the Residence l'Age d'Or. (Ref.image:

The Palais des Festivals offers events almost every day, international congresses, concerts, plays, TV shows. The city of Cannes organises regular sporting events and outdoor shows for your daily pleasure.(

Imagine that you didn't know what to do this morning, and in the late morning you find yourself at the foot of the ski slopes.If you like skiing or just getting some fresh air from the mountain, you only need to drive 1.5 hours from Cannes by car to reach the first resort. Under the sun, you ski and enjoy the snow in one of the 15 resorts in the northern areas of the Alpes-Maritimes (Southern Alps).If you love alpine skiing or Nordic skiing, nearly 660 kilometers of slopes await you on all ski areas.It's here like nowhere else: it's skiing in the Alpes Maritimes!(

And why not get to the ski resorts by private jet and helicopter?Courchevel - Meribel - Val Thorens (1h10) - Val d'Isère - Tignes (1h) ...and you will be there ... between 10 and 60 minutes (only).For example, to go to the resort of Courchevel from Cannes by helicopter is 20 minutes.( et

View of the terrace

Bedroom 1

All the renovation work completed allows you to enjoy a fully refurbished apartment from top to bottom.

Rest assured that the apartment has been renovated like new using the best high quality materials.


" Reluctantly, we are selling our rare apartment ideally located on the Croisette, to give us the means to develop our business in Paraguay, where we live. A rare opportunity in this very select sector."

Lionel et Raymonde

96 boulevard de la Croisette

06400 Cannes


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